Sunday, 14 October 2012

So much for that idea

Well, despite telling myself that the rares I had were enough, I couldn't help myself and went looking for another. This time it was Portent, from the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, that I had a itch for.

I don't really need another 5% crit pet - my devilsaur and wolf (for the rare non-BM spec occasions) were good enough, however I managed to convince myself that a battle-res pet was a good idea. I was originally going to settle for a "normal" purple quilen obtained through questing, however the more I looked into it, the more I realised that 3 of the 4 colour options for Portent were actually quite nice. Of course, once the bug had bitten, I had no choice but to go looking for him.

The biggest problem with finding Portent is that a lot of the area he paths in is phased, and having only just hit 90 a few days ago, I hadn't unlocked any of those areas yet. Unfortunately I didn't know which parts of the Vale would be phased and which were not. After following his entire path a few times and having no luck I decided to stick to half which I knew I could find him in (thanks go to Kalliope's Portent video for that information).

After taking a short break I decided to have another look and this time I got lucky.

Well actually, this time was a fluke. I didn't find his footprints, instead, there was a minor latency in switching the "layers" where a non-phased area met a phased area, a latency which caused me to catch a shadowy glimpse of Portent without needing to flare him out first. Enough so that I was able to see which direction he was going. From there it was a matter of flaring him out where I guessed he would be, and after two attempts, I found him and managed to tame him. It wasn't until after he was tamed, did I finally see his footprints.

What made it even better is that I found him in the colour I wanted the most. I really love the purple look, and in some places the colours really stand out so I am quite happy with him. Once again though I am struggling with a name - hopefully he won't remain nameless for too long.

He looks so smug...

Happy Hunting!


  1. He's a handsome fella! Grats on hitting 90, I'm still at 86 and moving VERY slowly towards the level cap.

    1. Thanks! I took my time getting to 90. Just enjoyed the beautiful zones and story lines. There is so much to see and do now :)

  2. Grats! You won't regret getting a Quilen. They are awesome. The brez has come in handy so many times and saved many wipes from happening. Mine has worked his way into a favorite, even over some of my core pets.

    1. Thanks! I'm really looking forward to getting to know mine :)