Friday, 5 October 2012

Latest Tames!

Despite my initial "meh" attitude towards the looks of the new challenge tames, I have now gone out and tamed three more!


I hit 88 yesterday, so that set me off on a new taming frenzy. First, I went looking for Bloodtooth. I wasn't too interested in him at the start, I already had Terropene and that filled my turtle quota, but when I thought about it, I realised I hadn't gotten very attached the fire turtle skin at all. After seeing some screenshots of people with Bloodtooth I found I quite liked his appearance and decided to give him a shot. Running down to Krasarang Wilds, I picked up his tracks about 1/4 of the way down his path, then found him about 3/4 of the way to the end of his path about 15 minutes later. After much thought I named him Takeshi.


Stompy was the only new tame I was originally interested in, so shortly after taming Bloodtooth I made my way into the Kun-Lai Summit to hunt him down, after falling off Mount Neverest once, I found his tracks, followed closely by him not 5 minutes later. Now named Irving, thanks to my Sister. (She strongly believes that he looks like an Irving, and who am I to disagree?)


I wasn't going to get a water strider at all, but after using most of my water walking potions in the last few days I figured I might as well, and if you are going to do something, you might as well put some effort into it. Having heard that Glimmer was one of the hardest ones to track down and find I got myself ready for a long haul, and he certainly gave me the run around. I found his tracks heading up along the map towards the Arboretum. Even with ground clutter downed all the way down his tracks are hard to spot in some places and I lost him many times. When I found him again he was going in the opposite direction, then I lost him again due to phasing areas. I made the decision to head to his end point, then try run into him by going in the opposite direction. A plan which turned out for the best - in the time it took me to get to his finishing point and start heading back he had almost caught up with me. The hardest of my four tames, but I am very happy with the outcome - Miles is going to be my fishing buddy from now on =D

I have to say this new challenge tame system for hunters is a lot fun - it makes finding new pets more interesting then just sitting around camping. It helps that my server probably doesn't have too many people looking for the new pets so they have always been around when I have looked for them, but I find myself really enjoying the tracking part of hunter taming. I doubt I will go after any others of the new pets, but I certainly hope that any new hunter specific pets are introduced in the same way.

Hopefully other hunters are enjoying the new system as much as I am, and getting all the pets they want without too much stress.

I'd also like to throw a special shout out to Sneaky Sams for all the wonderful pet pathing maps - I wouldn't have been able to track my pets down without them!

Happy Hunting!

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